Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GROWLr so cool?

GROWLr was written for bears by bears. No detail was left out. It uses the latest technology to deliver the all in one bear social networking application. And it gives it to the bear community for FREE. No twinks were harmed in the creation of GROWLr.

I am not getting push notifications

If you are not receiving push notifications, please verify that you have push notifications enabled. From the iPhone main screen, click Settings->Notifications->GROWLr, and make sure both notifications are enabled.

How long does GROWLr keep messages?

 Once you retrieve a message from GROWLr it is permenently deleted from our system within 12 hours, and exists only on the sender and receiver's phones. So your messages will always be available on your phone until you delete them.

How many favorites can I have?

Currently, the maximum number or favorites is set to 75. The maximum number of blocks is also set to 75.

How do I refresh my location?

Whenever you have GROWLr open it will continously attempt to use GPS to determine your current location. If your phone cannot connect to GPS it will attemp to determine your current location by cell tower triangulation.

What happens to my profile if I get a new phone?

Each GROWLr profile is associated with a particular iPhone. If you would like us to migrate your old profile to your new device please contact us at

How do I have a duplicate profile deleted, from an old phone, for example?

Each GROWLr profile is associated with a particular iPhone. If you would like us to delete your old profile please contact us at

Can I share a profile between mulitple devices?

No. Each GROWLr profile is associated with a particular iPhone.

How does GROWLr sort the profiles in the Online, Nearby and Favorites tabs?

Online users are sorted by last login, newest to oldest. Nearby and Favorites are sorted by distance, closest to furthest.

How does blocking a user work? Can they be unblocked?

When you block a user, you will no longer recieve messages from that user. You can unblock a user by returning to their profile and changing the block setting.

How can I host a GROWLr event?

If you are interested in hosting a GROWLr event please contact us at We can provide artwork for posters, banners, tshirts, and other promotional items. We will also send you GROWLr DVD to play at your event.

Where do I get my GROWLr t-shirt?

GROWLr T-shirts, hoodies, and iPhone cases are now available in our online store at

What can I do if the app crashes on me?

If you experience a crash within your app, please contact Please provide details steps to reproduce the problem along with the version of your device's operating system, what type of hardware you have GROWLr installed on, and the version of GROWLr you are currently running.

What's the GROWLr mission and how did it get started?

GROWLr was developed for bears by bears in Columbus, Ohio, USA. GROWLr is a labor of love, and we try to provide the services we know bears need.

How does GROWLr make money?

We are very pleased to be able to offer the GROWLr service free of charge, but we have bills just like everyone else. For each banner ad that is displayed we recieve a small fraction of a cent. We rely on banner ads to keep our services running.

What happens to my messages if I have to restore my phone?

If you restore your phone from backup, any message that were received on your phone since your last backup will be lost.

What happens if I report a user?

Once a user is reported, we review their profile photo and any recent message for any violations of our Terms of Service. Depending on the offense, the user may receive an either an immediate and permanent suspension, a warning, or have their profile edited, or profile picture removed.

Why are certain photos prohibited?

It is Apple's policy to not allow nudity on any applications available through the app store. Once a profile picture is uploaded, GROWLr has 24 hours to review and remove any photos that violate this policy.  Please see our photo guidelines for appropriate photo submissions.